roadside weed

pieheart(6)July 4, 2012

On my way to and from work I see this weed: it resembles dill, angelica, etc. in that the flower is a cluster, umbel. The color of the whole plant, flowers and all, is a lime green/yellow-green. I've done searches for all the plants I know that might look like what I see, but the color is what's throwing me off. Nothing that turned up in my searches matches what I see as far as color. As far as I can tell, in size it ranges from two feet to maybe four feet tall. Hard to say since I'm usually traveling 50mph when I see it.

Unfortunately, since I see this plant from the car on a busy road I can't describe the leaves or even take a picture. I'm hoping that someone will read this and recognize it right off the bat.


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Queen Anne's Lace? Check the picture at the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Look here

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No, the foliage is too dark. What I'm seeing is foliage and flower exactly the same color (or so it seems from the car). And it's truly a lime green, or yellow-green. It's like a giant dill plant, if dill was invasive and grew wild. I wish I could get a good look at the foliage, that would help a lot with identification.

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I found it!! Wild parsnip.

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