Wild Rabbits Eat Everything

achang89(Z6)July 7, 2013

Well, here we see a lot of deers. But now the bigger problem is the wild rabbit.

Before, we've seen snakes and fox. Now sometimes we still see snakes, but no more fox. I missed the fox.

The wild rabbits are really bad. They eat everything. To fend off dears, I only grow deer resistent plants, like tomatos, pepper and cucumbers. Now rabbits eat almost all the cucumber plants, a lot of the pepper leaves and started to munch my tomatos. My first two tomotoes were stolen under my watch.

Now they get no more of my food. I've enclosed my vege gardens with plastic mesh net, with the tomato cages as the anchers. The cages are about 5 feet tall, no more deers and no more wild rabbits.

I do not know if the birds can somehow spot the ripe tomatos and share my food. But I do not think they can cause much damages.

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Good luck with the cages.

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You can buy wire fences that are designed to keep rabbits out of the garden. They can be purchased in rolls at hardware stores. IâÂÂve used them, and so far itâÂÂs very effective. Or you can grow tall grass surrounding your garden as they will munch them and Ignore your plants.

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jcalhoun(8b Mobile County AL)

Rabbits are good eating.

Do you have a dog that may chase them?

Short of killing them yourself it will be very hard to control the rabbits without some predators. Bobcats, foxes, owls, and hawks would be helpful.

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Big cats...lots of big barn kitties. That's what we have and they keep everything out, except the deer.

Also might try growing mints, lavender, bee balm and other herbs. I don't think rabbits like to eat those.

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