80% weeds in the yard - how to get rid of them?

cris_noweedJuly 13, 2006

I have a bid weed problem, our yard is about .75 acres, and it is filled with weeds, no grass, I have spotted at least 10 different kinds of weeds. And I am desperate. I have no idea how to deal with so much. I have been reading and researching, but haven't found anything for this scale. How can I transform that into nice green lawn? Thanks!

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I would probably overseed this fall and in spring use a pre emergent herbicide like corn gluten meal. That would be the organic way. Or instead of corn gluten meal you could use a chemical pre emergent herbicide in spring. I have the same problem, but with putting in new flower beds etc. I will not get to mine until this fall either. I will probably put down a 1/4" layer of compost and over seed this fall around the end of September in zone 5. Then in spring I will use the corn gluten meal probably around the end of March or so unless I find out a better time.


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Oh, I have a 1.5 acre lot, minus the house and flowerbeds etc.


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Great, so it sounds like I don't have to necessarily get rid of the weeds before planting the grass. That sounds like something doable.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You could also go over the lawn area with a post emergent broad leaf herbicide to kill out the non-grass weeds that you have (while not harming the grass).

You need to find out what you might be doing wrong, too. A good healthy stand of grass takes some understanding of the best conditions that support that grass and not the weeds. Healthy, well maintained grass can choke out weeds. ;-)

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Roundup works wonders

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