help identify these weeds!

johndoug(z6 Philly)July 10, 2007


i'm not a hater of weeds. i don't mind many of them. i'm not a big fan of vines however. i have a couple that have been spreading basically over everything for the past few years (i like a diverse weed population).

anyway, i have attached the two weeds, and a third that i like and has huge leaves. what are the weeds, and what is my best bet for getting rid of them now and in years to come?

thank you!

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I believe the top photo is one of bindweed -- the other two I'm not sure about.

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#1 Could be one of Polygonum or something of Convolvulaceae family. Closer picture needed.
#2 Hop. Most likely Humulus japonicus.
#3 Paulownia tomentosa.

Here is a link that might be useful: Huge leaf

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johndoug(z6 Philly)

thank you! you are right on with #2 and #3. the paulownia is growing underneath a current paulownia tree! due to the softness of the trunk, i didn't think for a second it could be a tree. plus, these leaves are many times larger than the leaves on the mature tree.

i actually tore off the largest leaf to play with it, thinking it was just a weed. i hope i didn't damage it too much. i wonder if it is a sucker from a root, or it is a growth from a seed. i'd like to maybe replant it somewhere else.

is this HOP something i could use for beer? my uncle makes a lot of beer and i could give it to him.

anyway, i will get you closer pictures of #1 when i am back from work. This one is the worst, as it has thorns in the vines.

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Your first one looks like mile-a-minute vine. Very invasive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mile-a-minute info.

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The top one looks to me like Nightshade, a member of the same family that we get tomatoes, peppers, etc, from. The others I am not familiar with, yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nightshade

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laura_sue(4 MN)

Nightshade is not a vine. It looks like bindweed to me.

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