Viburnum dentatum

htown(North Houston)July 13, 2005

Does anyone grow Viburnum dentatum? I was wondering if any of yall ever see birds or butterflies utilizing this plant.

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viburnumvalley(z5/6 KY)

Yes, over 20 species/varieties/named clones.

Birds nest in these shrubs and immediately consume the wonderful copious blue fruit upon ripening in late summer.

Butterflies and many other insects visit the bounty of flowers as these plants bloom through May here in KY.

Peruse the many threads on this forum about V. dentatum, arrowwood, for much more detailed information.

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jillmcm(z6 PA)

I have arrowwood, and I've never seen a ripe berry :) Butterflies don't seem to be a major pollinator, but the smaller fry love the flowers.

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I have arrowood too I have seen berries they were on the tree for a while I saew some green berries today but that was on the blackhaw viburnum prunifolium I will check tomorrow. Sarah

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I have one large shrub in the middle of a row of grey dogwood. They're in an eastern exposure up against a brick garage wall that's covered in Virginia creeper. In natural areas around here the two species grow together, but my placing them that way was pure serendipity--I didn't know they were companions when I planted them, probably didn't know there was such a thing as companions. The arrowwood holds its own against the rather assertive dogwood.

The berries ripen at the same time as the grey dogwood, and every single one disappears immediately, just like the dogwood berries.

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Talk about raising the dead........I have lost all and I mean all my dentatums due to viburnum leaf beatle. It took two years and many different opinions to id the problem by then it was too late.

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