What is this weed? Looks like fireweed, but not quite...

tsmith35(6)July 10, 2014

These guys are popping up along the edge of my driveway, around the downspouts and in flower gardens. Seems like they spread underground, since they appear in rows. The stems are hairy.

I can pull them out by hand, but I have to be careful, since even thick stems (3/8" dia) break easily. The stems break just above ground level, so I can still pull out the roots with care.

The root system appears to be ball-shaped, carrying surrounding soil out with it.

Any ideas? They seem to be pretty hardy.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Erechtites hieraclifolia? American Burnweed?

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Thanks! I believe you're right. Looks exactly like it. Guess a pair of gloves and a few minutes will get rid of it. Not responsive to pre-em since it grows from the thatch, but I'll cut my grass a bit taller to help prevent recurrence.

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