How do I kill these agressive weeds!!!

tom_p_pa(08840)July 27, 2005

I have some beds of pacrasandra (spelling??) that have been overcome by weeds. They are almost impossible to pull out without damage/pulling out the pacrasandra. Any ideas? I believe they are Mary's grass (according to the rutgers website at:

Mary's Grass, is also called stiltgrass because of the

stilt-like structure at the base of the culm. Some manuals list it as Eulalia viminea. Practically unknown in New Jersey in the early '80s it is now widespread in dense populations. Usually found in moist, shady habitats. It is an extremely invasive grass although not as yet an economically important weed. Field botanists rank it along with purple loosestrife and garlic mustard in its invasive properties.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Can't it be controlled with a grass herbicide that can be applied over the top of broad leaf ornamentals? I'm asking because I am not familiar with this weed, but it is quite easy to spray grass weeds right in the middle of your ornamentals with the right product.

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just_curious(7b/8a Canada)

Poast and Select are two herbicides meant for grass, both are expensive. They work best on young grasses, 5 to 6 leaf stage. Older grasses, react more slowly (2 to 3 weeks). Once they begin to head out, forget it.
You could try wiping them with a mild solution (1%) of Round-up. Put on a latex glove with a cotton glove over top. Dip your hand in the solution and grab the leaves you can get at without dripping or touching your ornamentals then pull up. Try not to damage the leaves but get as much Round-up on the pest as you can. Again though, if the grass is mature, the results will be less than desirable.

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