Who is digging holes next to my house

paulsiu(5a)August 28, 2010

I notice that something has been digging holes next to the house? The hole is rather deep. I am thinking about stuffing it with paper to see if it's being used.

What animal could it be? I live in a suburb near Chicago. The dog next door visits my yard sometimes, but she appears to behave. At night, I often see raccoons, rabbits, opossums, and skunks (rarely). I had to boot a raccoon out of my attic this summer, but do they also dig holes?


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Stuff away before you fill them in. Could you post a picture of the holes? I have one on the south side of my house that was originally a ground hog. They have a tendency to build a mound around their holes.

Racoons do dig holes but mostly for food. I believe you saw a fox in your yard earlier this year? If so the fox may be digging a den. See if you can find any hair mixed with the dirt. It might provide a clue as to which animaly.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

How big are the holes? We have chipmunks that have dug out several holes right next to our house. I HATE them. Our flagstone walk has one spot that is collapsing due to the tunnels they dig. Plants aren't doing too well in spots because they eat right through the roots as they tunnel. Did I mention that I HATE them? In the back, the dogs dig up the garden and under the stairs trying to catch those darn critters. I REALLY do HATE them!

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The first hole is less than 12 inches. The second hole is large like 24 inch or so. I have stuffed paper in each and notice that it wasn't disturbed. I am thinking that if they were used before, they are used no longer. Actually I remember a stinky smell coming from the bush next to the hole. The smell isn't there any more.

The smaller 12 inch hole is probably the right size for a chipmunk, but they are quite rare. I only see one about once a year and they don't stick around. There may be foxes in my area, but I have never seen one. Coyotes are not uncommon, but they don't fit into the holes.


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catherinet(5 IN)

Woodchuck (groundhog) holes are really big....like a foot across. I have alot of 2" holes around my house, and I'm assuming its chipmunks. A little smaller than that are mice holes. Snakes make holes about the same size as mice.

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Back when I lived on the East Coast, ground hogs were common. I remember zooming by on my bike and noticing lots of ground hogs on the side of the road.

Since I moved to the midwest, i haven't seen one. I suppose they are around but they appear to be somewhat uncommon.

At the edge of the yard, there are several large holes, but I think they are rabbit holes.

Which animal mark its territory? I recall the bush where the hole was particular smelly as if someone marked it, but didn't smell like skunk.


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Most animals will mark their territory some way. Foxes can be very smelly, but so can wood chucks/ground hogs. From the discription It was probably a fox den that was abandoned. Keep watching it if it is a fox mother it might return this winter. Personally I think foxes are very neat. Had several in the woods across the the street. Late winter they would help the cats nibble on catnip plants as they came up. I guess it was the first greenery of the spring. The way I know foxes were there is because as they rubbed they left hair.

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