Tree Frogs in the hot tub

marshah(Z7B/8A SE Va)August 20, 2005

Does anyone have any ideas about how to keep tree frogs out of a hot tub? This isn't my problem, but a friend's. She doesn't want to kill them, but she's squeamish about them perching over her shoulder while she's in the tub. Any ideas would be welcome! Thanks...

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Tell your friend to give the frogs 30 day eviction notice.
ha ha.

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RodeoSquirrel(zone 6 SePA)

are they wearing little tiny bikini's or in the buff?
im a frog lover so id be hot tubbin with the froggy's happily :o)
i really wouldnt know how to chase them away but maybe your friend can look at them for their beauty, and they do help with mosquitos and other nasty bugs that are around.
ive never owned a hot tub but cant it be covered or something?

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marshah(Z7B/8A SE Va)

Well, I asked for it. I did say "any ideas would be welcome", didn't I? The hot tub is kept covered when not in use, but my friend has provided additional information -- when she uses it they get right up on the edge and then jump in, and the hot water kills them. Kinda puts a damper on enjoyment of the hot tub, not to mention the negative consequences for the froggies.

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any idea of what species? build them their own kiddie pool?

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RodeoSquirrel(zone 6 SePA)

oh man they are being killed? oh thats terrible, not to mention gross if your fishing out dead frogs.
maybe put up one of those deer fence nettings around the spa area?

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madtripper(5/6 Guelph)

I assume that she is using the hot ub at night, since that is when the frogs are active. Does she have lights in the tub?

I have tree frogs hanging around the house. At night they migrate to windows that have lights on inside the house. They sit on the window and wait for bugs to come to the light.

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I had the same problem with our Hot tub. I found that if you spray a mixture of saltwater around the top and sides of the top tub they will not come back. Hope it works for you. This does not hurt the frogs.

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marshah(Z7B/8A SE Va)

Thanks, juliekinney. I've passed your suggestion on to my friend, and she's going to give it a try.

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Julie, Where did you get the info on the salt water? Just playing devil's advocate here, but I find it hard to believe that it doesn't hurt them. I would think the salt would draw the moisture from their skin as that is what salt does. Hmmm. Maybe Marsha could try shutting the lights off first.

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dirtgirl(So. Illinois)

exclusion is the key...sounds like the hot tub in question is open air and not in a gazebo or anything. I was going to suggest screening in the place or something along those lines but if it's out in the open with just a pull-off cover then the frogs are probably hiding out during the day right there next to what they see as a source of lights and water, big draws for tree frogs.
This is a tough one. Even if you could ease your friend into seeing the value and beauty of her tub phibs, they are still going to be right there, bailing off into a killing vat.

We have to be careful flushing the toilets here when it gets hot and dry during the summer months. There is usually a frog under the rim just above the water...they climb down the vents to what they see as their own little oasis.

best of luck in finding a remedy for this one.

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marshah(Z7B/8A SE Va)

Yep, it's a challenge all right. My friend has nothing against the frogs, and it does upset her to watch them commit their own version of hara-kiri. I think she'll try the salt water spray treatment and turning lights off before considering the more expensive alternative of building a gazebo around the tub. I don't think the salt water will hurt the frogs as long as they're not being sprayed directly, and mixing the salt with water wouldn't be as harmful as throwing pure salt on them -- as some have done with slugs. She could hose the little critters down with plain water first to remove them before treatment. It's worth a try, and can't be any more harmful to them than what they are doing to themselves. Thanks for all the interest and helpful suggestions after such a long hiatus... (Tree frogs in the toilets, dirtgirl? You must have some REALLY dry summers.)

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Did the saltwater work? We have the same problem this year for some reason (first time in 15 years). We've moved close to 100 frogs out! The hot tub has a rounded edge so the frogs crawl under the cove of it. Cute little buggers but we want a hot tub not a terrareum. We haven't had any problem with dead ones.

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I have the same problem. They leave a huge mess of frog poop at the bottom of the hot tub...I have drained and scrubbed and refilled and they come back and mess it up again. I've had the hot tub for 6 years and this is the first winter with the problem. I keep the temp at 104 but the heat doesn't bother them. I am so tired of this am
Nd afraid to get in as it seems unsanitary with droppings in there.

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Unfortunately, I have been dealing with this for over a year now. We have a hot tub (5'x5') with a folding cover and lift. Seems they get in through the seams of the cover in the middle. I do find a dead one (or parts of a dead one) floating around and have to then clean out the tub and re-fill it. Only thing that has worked thus far is cutting a lime in half and rubbing it along the perimeter of the tub. This only lasts for a few days....then guess what??? I got to the point of draining the tub and keeping it empty until I can find a more sustainable solution. Anyone else have any ideas? Some floating netting to put between the water and cover??

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Is this an epidemic? We've had our hot tub for three years, but have only been battling the frogs for the last several months. I haven't killed or harmed any of them... they do it themselves. We have an expensive, insulated cover, but it doesn't keep them out. So far, I've chased out dozens of frogs, cleaned up hundreds of frog turds (which are amazingly large compared to their body size), and fished half a dozen decomposing frog bodies out. We have lights, but never use them. It's part of the problem, actually. I can't stand the thought of going out there in the dark and sliding on frog feces to get in or sitting on a squishy frog body in my au naturale. So the hot tub is largely unused these days. It's a pretty expensive frog pond/abattoir. I will try the lime method, or the salt if the lime fails, and report back. Crossing fingers...

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Has anyone come up with a solution for the frogs taking over the hot tub??? Does it help to relocate the little darlings?

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