Thicket question

petpalikali(WI-Z4)August 28, 2012

I just bought a house last year that has almost everything listed for a certified wildlife garden thingy. But, one thing listed is a thicket. What in the heck is a thicket?

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A thicket generally is closely planted shrubs and such to provide cover, nesting, etc.
In an area where I have shrubs, the limbs go almost to the ground and birds run around on the ground underneath there, rabbits too.
A lot depends on what you have room for. Here's an article on thickets that's interesting.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thicket Establishment

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Hey Christie,great information. I have a spot in the back corner that is the beginning of a thicket! Unfortunately, that's right where the neighbors toilet their dog. I guess I'll have to put up a fence in that area. Pet out!

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