Tall weeds

tootswisc(z4/5Wi)August 9, 2005

I have a tall weed that is just starting to flower. It pulls out really easy. I have been battleing it for 5 years. The weeds must be 12 feet tall right now. My neighbor likes the privacy the weeds provide him. I on the other hand am really frustrated by these weeds. My latest thought is to pull the few perenials out and mow the area for a few years. I hired someone to tend to this area once-they used round up, tilled it but by late summer the weeds were all back. Can anyone help me out with a solution. The weeds are in my little grove of black walnuts and black cherry trees. The walnuts must be keeping good things from growing!

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Can you post a picture or give a discription of the plant? What kind of flower? Does it look like a sunflower?

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I took a chain saw to them today. They actually did not need a chain saw since they pull out easily but so much top soil is pulled out too. It was fun and exhausting. I filled up an 8 by 12 trailer and took them to the dump tonight. My plan is to keep the are mowed for at least a year and not let even one weed grow up to get seeds!

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I think my weed is giant ragweed. I pulled out every one of those tall things out!

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