attracting skinks, ribbon sknakes and gray squirrels

naturewatcher(TX gulf coast)August 26, 2006

I am new to the forum. I've frequented the butterfly forum in the past but I'm wanting to focus on attracting more types of wildlife.

Last year, while working in my garden I saw what I think was a five lined skink. At first it looked like a small snake, but then I noticed some very tiny legs and feet. It was slower moving than the skinks I've seen in the woods.

I also saw a ribbon snake poking it's little head out of some violets.

I have not seen either of these critters a second time.

Then, last spring, I had a new visitor....a gray squirrel. He stayed for a few weeks and left. I think he was having trouble competing with all the fox squirrels in my area.

My question is this:

What are some things I can do to encourage these three visitors to stay around my yard? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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hi nature, I have squirrels galore cuz I have food and water and shelter in my yard. You can plant berry producing shrubs, put out bird baths for water, certainly a squirrel feeder and bird feeder. You could also provide squirrel nesting boxes. As for skinks and snakes, I will let someone else comment on them but I believe they love stones and logs. I have a snake that comes to my garden every couple of days from the field across the street to hunt for lizards. Check out National Wildlife web site and look at the back yard habitat link.


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