How old is this Bunny? Questions. (pics)

naturalstuff(Z6 / CT)August 23, 2012

Been doing some research on some questions I have because I saw a bunny run away as I was cleaning the garden and it went into a neighbors property under a fence.

1. How old is this Rabbit?

2. Will this rabbit find its way back to nest?

3. Will mother find this rabbit?

That was yesterday. Then today I saw another bunny hopping around in my strawberry patch. Before it got injured as I was weeding, I followed it to safety but it disappeared on me. I think went into neighbors yard. I believe it was different one from yesterdays.

Then just now my dog sniffed out a spot in the strawberry patch. I went to see and it was a dead bunny. Much younger then the ones I saw. The soil looked caved but no nest anywhere!

1. Why would a live rabbit hang around the strawberrry patch near a dead rabbit??

2. Is it possible the nest was there?(hole wasnt deep)

3. Will the mother get the one from today that ran off too?

4. How far would the nest be from these Rabbits? (maybe under my deck 10 feet away?)

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Don't worry, moms are out foraging and come back to them, just let them alone. They leave the nest very early, soon they can hop around.

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naturalstuff(Z6 / CT)

So I followed the mother rabbit from inside for an hour until she finally went to the area in the strawberry patch. Then I realized the babies were there too. 3 of them!

She fed them, then left. So apparently either she rounded them up during the day or the little ones found their way back.

I did not see a nest in there so is it possible she's just feeding them in the open like that??

I hooked up a time lapse camera on them. First image you'll see the mom enter the area right before nursing them.

Second image you'll see the baby try to follow the mommy when she left.

Do they always come back to the same spot??

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