Help killing morning glory/wild buckwheat

lizzielou742(6)August 26, 2005

Hi all - this is my first post here!

I just bought a new home in May. The previous owner did not believe in controlling weeds much - definitely no Round Up used in the yard. Doesn't look like she liked to pull very many weeds either. As a result, what I believed was some type of morning glory, but after searching on the internet found it looks more like wild buckwheat (as it has no flowers), taking over my yard! Vines are popping up like mad throughout the grass in yard all by themselves (not climbing up anything like vines usually do). It does climb too - all over my lilac bush, inside my russian sage, up's throughout my herb garden too. I have just been pulling it out by hand, but my question is - is there any way to really stop this stuff? I sprayed the growth on the fence with some Round Up, but in the long run that doesn't matter; it just comes right back with new growth. Is there any escape?



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sage_lover(z6 OH)

Are you certain this is not Bindweed? Bindweed looks like morning glory and briefly flowers, trumpet like. Seed pods contain a ridiculous # of seeds! It is possible that you just have not seen this weed flower. Hope I am wrong!

The top of the leaf is heart-like in Bindweed. It is longer and narrows more to a point than a heart shape. One of the weeds I consider EVIL in nature!

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Yes, I think it could be bindweed. It certainly looks a lot like it from pictures I've seen on the Internet, and I've only lived in the house since June so it's definitely possible that I just haven't seen any of it flower yet.

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Oh man, if it's bindweed, good luck in getting rid of it! Truly one of Satan's own, and most likely, along with the cockroach, to survive a nuclear attack. That said, Roundup does work on it, but you really have to keep an eye on it.

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how do you get rid of morning glory, someone please help!

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All plant poisons are as effective, and work as well as, cutting these plants back to deprive the roots of nutrients they need to keep growing, and cutting the plants back is much less expensive and much more envronmentally friendly. These plant poisons, glyphosates, 2,4,D, Dicambra, etc. are all known to create problems with "lower" forms of life that might be an indication of what we are doing to our children.
Keep any new green growth from these unwanted plants cut off and they will die out, eventually, just as spraying them repeatedly with poisons.

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