Please Help w/ Weed ID...

luvblumzAugust 18, 2010

OK here goes again... I changed browsers for the upload, and hope this time it works. So embarrassing! My apologies and thanks to those who responded earlier.

I appreciate any help in identifying these weeds.

Flower garden neglected this year produced these two weeds all over everywhere. The one on the left grows erect to approx. 24" and seems to spread via seed. The one on the right grows like a ground cover with fairly deep roots. Both are highly invasive!

Image link:

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Not sure, but compare with Diodia.

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Yes, tyrlych, that looks like the weed on the right of the picture. With just a cursory search on the web, it looks like Roundup might be one of the best remedies...

Thanks for the info!

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