Identifying a plant/weed? and Mushroom overtake!

Novice930August 6, 2014


Can someone tell me what this is? I noticed this morning that a few of them have sprouted up in my planting bed.

Also, my mulch in a different area is being overtake by mushrooms, Bird's nest mushroom among others. The guy at Home Depot gave me a fungicide to layout using the spreader, but it did nothing on the mulch. Any advice?


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Mushrooms in mulch is NOT a problem. It's just helping turn the mulch into soil.
Ignore them, they won't kill your plants.

It may mean you are overwatering - check the moisture level.

If the looks bothers you, pull them out.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

That sort of "mushrooms" indicate that the suitable substrate was present along with temperatures and moisture content.
They have nothing to do with overwatering.

They will go away according to their own schedule.
Fungicides won't work against them.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

When I hear these stories of the bad, irresponsible advice dished out at big box stores, it makes steam come out of my ears!

Fungicides should only be used on plant diseases! Mushrooms growing in mulch have nothing to do with plants, but with the mulch that the fungus is working hard to decompose. Those mushrooms are not a sign of disease but of an essential beneficial biological process.
! Using chemical fungicides where they don't work is exactly like humans taking antibiotics for a doesn't work and creates resistance to the antibiotic. Fungicide resistance is a major problem.

My advice is to ignore the mushrooms in the mulch. Those are just the fruiting bodies, anyway. You can rake them away, but the active fungus is actively working in the mulch and soil, doing good stuff.

Avoid using fungicides, period, but never unless you have a precise identification of a real plant disease.

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Oh ok, Well thats good to know!

Anyone know anything about the plant growing in my planting bed?

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Compare with Erechtites hieracifolia, American Burnweed. Just pull it out. More tenacious and difficult to get rid of is the Oxalis in the background.

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