SCurbanyardAugust 23, 2013

Basketgrass is taking over my yard. Hand pulling is not enough. It keeps popping up in new areas, and with all the rain we've been getting, it immediately starts growing, well, like a weed!

I've tried painting Bayer BrushKiller on it, but it's too much work to get it just on this and nothing else. Maybe I should spray? Maybe I should reseed with something to crowd it out? Do I need to dig everything up and start over?

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There are two kinds of basketgrass - one is native and one is not, and the non-native one is dreadfully invasive, to the point that most of the eastern states have a watch out for it. I was not able to find a close-up picture of either one, nor was I able to find any list of the obvious differences between them. You may want to find your local native plant society, or county agricultural agent, and ask for help in identifying which one you have, particularly since South Carolina is one of the states watching out for the invasive one.

Whichever one you have there, just keep pulling it up and do your best to prevent it from going to seed. Some of the websites I found recommend Round-up (or its generic equivalent); I don't know what's in Bayer's stuff. I know this is extreme,but can you dig up your "good" plants, and then spray the heck out of the basketgrass? I know that herbicides need to be used minimally and carefully, but sometimes there just isn't another way.

Good luck; I hope that you find the information you need to get control of this.

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Thank you. I sent photos to the county extension and haven't heard back yet.

I bought my first (and hopefully last) Roundup today. :(

Doing what has to be done.

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