Please help me ID this grass.

viche(7a MD)August 18, 2008

I have a grass that has been spreading into my lawn over the past few years. It grows mainly in areas that get 5-6 hours of sun (not out in the full sun or shade areas, although it's spreading in that direction). It visible in early spring, gets very thick and lush through spring and then dies off in the summer. It is slightly lighter green than my normal grass (mostly TTTF), but it is not unsightly. It is fairly straight and even finer bladed (almost round) than the rest of my lawn. I think it's too straight to be POA Annua. Maybe POA Trivialis? The first year it did have a lot of seed heads, but I didn't notice as much this year. One thing that might be affecting it's spread is the fact that I let my TTTF get above 5" and cut it down to 3.5".

This was taken on March 26 2007. You can see the lighter green grass scattered in a line parallel with the shade from the house going towards the evergreen in the upper right. It's most noticeable near the slate in the middle right of the picture.

These were taken on April 20, 2007. This first shows the stuff in the middle surrounded my normal grass.

This was the same day right after mowing.

Pre-mow closeup

So any ideas? Also, how do I control this stuff? Is it an annual? If so, I'm hoping to put down some pre-emergent to prevent the next round of germination. Any suggestions on product and timing would be greatly appreciated!!!

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viche(7a MD)

no ideas?

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