Water supply contamination! Have you ever had it?

tobr24u(z6 RI)September 25, 2013

We are in our third day of having to boil our water and use bottled water. It is in convenient but so far not a disaster. And it didn't bother me as I always keep a full bathtub just in case. Are you prepared?

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We have never been on the same water source as any municipality to my knowledge, nor have we ever lived that close to a municipality. We've always had our own well. So, no... I can't recall ever having to boil water.

However, I am in the habit of keeping extra water in containers just in case of a power outage or something... so, yes, we are prepared.

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We've had a countertop water distiller ever since we lived in a place where the water went out with some regularity.

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In some areas with municipal water we've had boil water orders on a regular basis since I can remember due to the century old water supply piping and aging water tanks which need repairs.

In one region where I own rental properties we've had close to 30 days of boil water orders and many days with very low water pressure.

I believe much of the supply piping is 90 plus years old.

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It has happened several times to me.

I keep bottled gallons and smaller bottles for emergencies.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Jodik, do you ever test your well water?

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Yes. That's my husband's department, Tobr.

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david52 Zone 6

Years and years when living overseas.

I've only had it once here, years ago, when the river flooded the water treatment intake stuff.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Hmm, you might want to rotate that job just to have another tester doing the sampling... lol

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You ALWAYS keep a full bathtub?

Full of what, and why. Do you drain it every day and refill it? Seems like a huge waste of water.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Never know when you might need a glass of clean water or a bath...

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We fill our bathtub only when a power outage seems probably (hurricane coming), but this water is used only for toilet flushing. Otherwise generator power is used for long term powering of the well pumps. Our 2 wells (shallow & deep) have been tested and both were negative for harmful bacteria though both wells have been bleach shocked as a precaution. I'm glad to be off of city water whos source is the James River, it flows through other increasingly populated cities and areas before reaching Richmond so the further down stream one is the more krap floats by and into the local treatment plant. I'd rather not have my water "treated".

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I don't want treated water, either... unless I'm the one treating it so I know how it's treated and with what.

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Yes when I lived in Hoboken a broken pipe caused water contamination & we had to boil water for a week if I remember correctly.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

There's some boiling being needed in a few places around here right now. But in general tap water really isn't suitable for consumption anyway. I've got an on-tap filter I need to get mounted and start using, as I have been set up with a C-PAP - and so far the store-bought bottled purified water I've sampled has tasted of plastic.

Haven't tried the "bulk" (44 cents per gallon) purifed water from the dispenser at the nearest "green" grocery. Have noticed the display offers pricey stainless steel bottles as an alternative to the big polyethelene ones.

When I see other people there, stocking up they have the big ones.

Lately one of my doctors warned to never use tap water for nasal irrigation because of a rare but nearly always lethal amoeba. The bulk purified water display at the store presents a list of about 4 or 5 categories of undesirable tap water contaminants that have been removed from the product dispensed there.

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david52 Zone 6

I only drink "500 ml bottles of Canadian nature glacier water ice field".

"The ice field is performed highlands, the å°ä¸Âæ·± ãÂÂã« formation of Canada Vancouver Island of
It is the natural glacier water which performed bottling of the water which sprang out of the ã¦ãÂÂã glacier layer in a fountainhead.

In the hometown of the ice field, a country borders rich naturally comfortable U.S.A.
There is it in Vancouver Island of the State of British Columbia to grind.
The factory of the ice field and the source of a river are standards for food factories; most
Approval of the NSF International (American hygiene foundations of the whole country) said to that ã is severe,
I get it for 96% of high rating.

Receive approval of ISO9002; FDA (Canada and the international quality of the water standard extend)
I clear American food, the standard of medicine station).

Hardness 27.5

Here is a link that might be useful: do check out the reviews

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

I've been lucky.

One year when El Nino conditions caused a flood in the coastal canyon where I was living, the water main was taken out about a half-mile past us. We had water, but electricity was a no-go for a few days.

In the '94 quake water mains remained intact where I was (not so my sewer line from the house to the street).

During the last severe drought, the L.A. Dept of Water and Power decreed that landscape watering was only to be on even-numbered days, and during restricted hours (and they would send their people out in the field to check on cheaters). So instead of saying residences with odd-number addresses water on odd-number days, and vice versa for even-numbered addresses and days, millions of us watered on the same days after 7:00PM.


The sound of 100+ year old water mains succumbing to pressure when millions turned the sprinkler key.

The DWP policy also produced some very impressive sink holes in major traffic arteries.

I was lucky then too -- not in my neighborhood with small lots and lower water demand.

I have water stashed in glass containers in the garage and the pantry. I'm in a zone subject to liquefaction during a quake, and can expect problems with the main water lines. I'm also in the tsunami zone, and may see the bottles of water floating away in time of need.

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Yeah, some programs don't translate very well, making for humorous or interesting reading, David!

I've always found the notion that Evian, when spelled backwards, is naive...

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

David, I got a flash of old memorys when I read your post.
After I sent out computer product inquiries for our new company I got a ton of mail including an offer of a dealer partnership from a firm in Japan. The writer tried to express himself in English but it was obvious he was not comfortable with the language. It was so hilarious that I saved it for years to remind me that language is a tricky thing. Another time and place, a customer from another country asked if I was Incorporated. After some confusion it turned out he wanted a date and was asking if I was married. LOL.

Personally, I never ever attempt to express myself in a language I don't speak regularly. Even in this country an innocent statement in one city can lead to outrage in another. That doesn't even come close to the bombshells when politics, race or religion come up.

Thanks for the laugh.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

New location, new store and all I wanted was a pot of coffee. I wound up getting someone arrested.

I turned on the water and it was full of black shiny flakes. I called the water company to find out what the problem was. I got a call back later that they had caught the guy a couple of blocks away who had opened a hydrant to wash out his tanker truck which is apparently against the law. (How do you open a hydrant?) The black flakes were scale that collects on the inside of the pipes. (Something I really didn't need to contemplate.)The additional agitation had knocked it loose.

He paid a big fine.

They told me it was harmless but I certainly didn't want to use it. They brought me a cup of coffee.

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