Weed identification central NJ

marklevinson1(NJ)August 19, 2013


I have 4 weeds I need to identify to purchase the correct weed killer for. Can you please help?

Weed #1

Weed #2

Weed #3

Weed #4

thanks so much,


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The third one is spurge, and the last looks like oxalis, along with what looks like purslane (the brown stem sticking up to the left). The best weedkiller is pulling them out by hand.

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Thanks so much. Can we do one more?

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Thanks so much. Can we do one more?

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Looks like violets - dig them up too.

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The fourth picture above is Yellow Wood Sorrel, "Oxalis stricta" a very common "weed" in any cultivated soil. Quite easily pulled by hand but also easily reseeded by birds.
The first one could be a thistle and the third could well be spurge, a very prolific seed producer. Hand pulling, that gets all of the root, is the single best means of control.

There is more and more evidence appearing that indicates any of the "weed" poisons are very detrimental to wee thingys such as toads and frogs and other of what is known as the lower forms of life.

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The first one looks like a Rumex, it's probably a biennial that will go to seed next year. They have a long tap root like a dandelion, I'd manually remove it after a good rain. The second plant looks like Canada Thistle, Cirsium arvense. It's a PITA to deal with and the one most likely to need chemical intervention.

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The first one doesn't look like Rumex to me. More like Sonchus, Sow Thistle. Even if it were Rumex, it would be perennial, not biennial.

The second one doesn't look like Cirsium arvense either. Possibly Erechtites hieraciifolia (American burnweed).

Whatever they are I agree that the way to get rid of them is to dig them out. You don't need a herbicide for individual plants like these. Reserve that, if you must use it, for large areas entirely covered in weeds.

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