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ferroplasm Zone 7bAugust 5, 2014

I'm converting a portion of my lawn to a garden. This area is currently bermudagrass turf with a lot of weeds. I will be creating a large raised bed by shoveling 4-6 inches of purchased soil on top of it. I sprayed with 1% glyphosate 1.5 weeks ago and again sprayed with 2% glyphosate last night to kill off all the bermudagrass. Do you think it would be OK to begin moving in the soil and covering up all the existing turf? I need this soil out of my driveway ASAP.

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

OK. Real quick answer. If your Bermuda was well irrigated and maybe even fertilized (to make it happy and growing at its maximum) it will respond to the glyphosate fairly well by taking the product deeply into its roots. But, it is rare that the Bermuda would be totally eradicated. You will be lucky if you get 90-95% kill if the answer to the two previous questions was "yes."

So, likely the answer is "maybe." But that will amount to following up the next season with a follow up, each and every time nailing the Bermuda when it rears it ugly head. And also, around the edge of the raised bed you will have to nail it there, too.

Bermuda is tenacious and will continue to be a threat unless you are also tenacious and stay on top of it.

Good luck!

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