How many times can a nutsedge shoot?

kkelley(z8bFl)August 3, 2005

Does anyone out there know how many times a single nutsedge nut can send out a new plant? Or oxalis, or any of the little weed bulbs? Seems like somebody might know about the storage capacity of bulbs, and how many times a person has to pull the *&?% plant to get rid of it!! Please share.

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

Allright, I've been watching this question for nearly a week. I have several large areas that are new this year. As I understand, the tubers multiply with little offshoots, so even if you pull the weeds with tubers intact, you may be missing an offshoot, and if you miss one, you'll have a hundred more. I have way too many to dig up and sift. They're in the middle of the lawn anyway. In some areas, I've pulled and pulled but needless to say, they keep coming back. And they grow so quickly!! I've also read that continually pulling them will eventually kill them...I'm beginning to wonder if this will happen in my lifetime...) I don't believe it will.

BTW, the "lawn" is bermuda grass and I consider one to be almost as bad as the other. Right now the clover seems to be winning out.

I get lots of oxalis in my beds and it's in the turf as well. I pull the ones in the beds but they just keep re-seeding all over the place. I don't see how it's possible to get rid of mass quantities without more drastic means.

Oh well, if it wasn't for clover, I wouldn't have a lawn.

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