Chameleon Plant/Weed/Indestructible Nuisance

BetsyKristl(5)August 3, 2014

Has anybody successfully gotten rid of this menace? One of my beds was so infested with it that I had to dig out all the plants I wanted to rescue, then dig out each and every chameleon plant. It was hard work and the smell is just nasty, but I discovered that while each cluster might have a root going down to Afghanistan, there were two primary "root balls" (about 8" across) that connected a lot of it together.

After clearing all I could find of it - and it's like a dandelion, if you pull one up you can be sure there will be 6 more the minute you stand up to look - anyway, once I'd cleared that one bed I sprayed enough RoundUp to drench the bed. Within a week it was sprouting again (RoundUp is not a pre-emergent) so I sprayed again, then repeated the whole process a week later, and a week after that. Finally, a month later, the bed is clear and ready to replant. As an extra measure of safety I went out today to spread landscape fabric. While crouched down to peg the fabric into the soil I noticed that the plant has now popped up in the next bed over and, as it seems to have an uncanny knack for growing right up the middle of decorative plants, I don't know what to do about it! There is not enough of me to dig out all my gardens because of this stupid plant...

Help!! I'm considering a blow torch...

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Did you try running a land trimmer through the bed? After that do few applications of roundup. I have same problem.
It is difficult to pull it all out. It is intertwined into rose bushes ans lazy susan. I am looking for an advise too.

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I am thankful that I had ajuga growing in my lawn and all my beds...they're much easier to pull out ;) (though for 10 out of my 12 years in that house...they were a persistent pest), finally a drought year finished them off in the yard.
You could wish for a drought (lol)!

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What is a land trimmer, avindia? I'll try anything right now... It does have a knack for popping up right in the middle of a plant, doesn't it? I have them coming up in the middle of hostas, daylilies, euphorbia, and roses. I've dug up some of the day lilies and smaller hostas, but have resorted to a paint brush & Round Up for the others. This stuff is horrible - I can't believe they still sell it...

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The manufacturers of the glyphosate products will tell you that the products must be sprayed on living plants to be effective and spraying on soil will do nothing except waste your time, energy, and money. However, several sources state that even the glyphosate products are not effective at controlling this very invasive plant. In its native Asia it is used as an edible plant, so since many have problems raising edibles this may be one way to control it.
The best means of control is to keep any new growth cut off so that top growth cannot make nutrients to feed the roots which will then die.

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