Burgandy Traveler, Mushy?

gardenmommy_2010July 18, 2011

So it's my first time veering away from the typical red hybrids. One of my plants is Burgandy Traveler and, while I haven't had any yet, my in-laws have harvested two off their plant and report that they were both mushy. They say the tomatoes had great flavor and felt good but, once cut into, they were mushy. I know that Burgandy Traveler is considered a pink variety. Have they been picking them too late - overripe - or is this normal? I'm guessing I'll have a lot of trial & error going on this year what with all the different colored varieties - Black Prince, Black Krim, Orange Russian, Orange Strawberry, Hillbilly, Aunt Ruby German Green, Yellow Brandywine & Kelloggs Breakfast. What is the best way of determining ripeness? Is it best to pick when underripe while learning?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Over-ripe. Waited way too long to pick.


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Thanks Dave. I'm guessing, if you're used to the classic red, w/ pink varieties you pick them when you think they're still not ripe. They shouldn't be the classic red color? How do you tell w/ your numerous varieties & colors? Is it by feel mostly? I'd better start looking at all their pictures. I'm sure by the time the season is winding down that I'll have the hang of this!

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I pick at color break just as many other home gardeners do. Lots of discussions here about 'pick at break/blush'.

Nothing is gained by leaving them on the plant past breaker stage except possible damage. Ripening indoors has no disadvantages other than taking up counter space and lots of advantages. That way you don't have problems like over-ripe, bug or bird damage, splitting, cracking, hail, sun scald, etc.

When it comes time to eat do it by feel regardless of color.


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Thanks for the info. I seached color break at the bottom & found a link you'd done previously showing some color break/blush stages. Do you pick at the first stage (color starting at top & bottom) or pick a little further when more color is showing? Does that slow the ripening process? Sounds like I may need to do that - especially while learning when my tomatoes will be ripe.

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Clarify "mushy".
My Burgundy Travelers were always juicy and soft (and delicious). If you are used to hard slicing tomatoes, soft would mean mushy to some. To me, mushy means sort of a crumbly texture, like a bad watermelon.

Carla in Sac

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Nice to hear from you Carla! I'm not sure what "mushy" meant since it was my in-laws plant but I'll ask. I'm still waiting for another Burgandy Traveler tomato in my garden - my 3 yr old dropped our only tomato so far.

Thanks for all your help in choosing varieties last year. Most of my plants are doing awesome - actually all of your suggestions are. Burgandy Traveler, Moskvich, Orange Russian, Orange Strawberry & Black Prince are all loaded & I'm just waiting for ripening. Aunt Ruby German Green is also finally setting a lot of tomatoes & my one Big Beef has a fair number of tomatoes on him. Sungold & Green Grape are doing well although Green Grape doesn't like the heat. I also planted Black Krim which is loaded and Celebrity & Roma as well. I'm still waiting on Prudens Purple & Yellow Brandywine to put some tomatoes on but they're blossoming so it's bound to happen. How are your tomatoes doing?

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