Wild grapes - Help they are killing my trees!

brightongardenerAugust 9, 2007

Hi! I'm a new poster here, though I've enjoyed the advice of others over the last few years. I own a 20+ acre property that is mostly forest, old orchard, and overgrown fields. Wild grape vines criss-cross everywhere and engulf whatever is reachable by them, including my precious apple trees. I don't want to have to mow the whole place, but my last year's strategy of just snipping the vines back worked for, oh, a few months. I guess I'll have to resort to chemicals. Any advice on what to use (plus how, when, where, etc.) to beat back the creature? Or any non-chemical (but effective) suggestions?

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Cut them off a foot or so above ground, then immediately paint the cut surface of the stump with a weedkiller. Most effective are products labeled woody plant killers which contain 2,4-D and/or triclopyr. One available around here is Blackberry and Brush Killer.

You'll most likely have to re-treat one or several times. Each time, make a new fresh cut on the stump.

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vinegar on the stump, I used it to killl the 'dreaded lilac' THAT WAS THREATENING TO TAKE OVER MY YARD, IT ALREADY HAD IT'S OWN ZIPCODE! I cut it to ground level, chopped the roots all around and poured vinegar on it, then a backhoe operator kindly popped it outta the ground for me, I also covered it for many days with a tarp to heat it up, keep water off of it, to kill it faster, vinegar kills weeds without killing the environment.


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