Is this a weed??

sunita_fleuristeAugust 5, 2007

hi all,

I ve got this plant coming up in my nursery bed...I knew my sister threw a bunch of seeds there so I don t know if this could be something we planted...

Even if it s a weed I might let it s quite pretty!

Anyone know its name??


Image link:

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Hi S,
It looks like verbena hastata, but the flowers look shorter than normal. That might be because it is a new smaller plant. It is a native wild flower that attracts butterflies. It grows quite tall though. So if it is in the wrong spot, you can move it in the spring to a better location. Also, it can re-seed, but the seedlings are easy to remove if unwanted.

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Thanks Remy! You re absolutely right...I googled some pics of this and this is exactly what it looks like...

Here we call it blue vervain.

I ll let it stay...

Thanks again!

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it looks more like an Agastche to me, also called a giant Hyssop. here are two in my garden, they are 'desirable' weeds. I have a few volunteers but I planted these.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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