How is sedge spread

knenlein(5)August 11, 2014

How can sedge suddenly show up in a 8'X10' area of a mature and healthy lawn? The lawn has been irrigated and has no drought history since 2006. It is surrounded by similar lawns in all directions. The lawns are mowed by a community landscaper at the same time and schedule.Sedge is showing up in patches throughout the 1100+ single family home development. Can it be spread by windblown seeds from natural areas of the development?

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Yes, and on someone's shoes, the lawnmower's tires, anything at all. And it's a royal pain to get rid of. Tell the landscaper to try Sedgehammer - it worked for me.

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Sedges are spread over vast areas by seeds spread most often by birds that eat them. Sedges are primarily bog plants, although they have adapted well to grow in other conditions. The typical irrigated lawn is a good place for them to grow because the soil gets wet every day and that is what sedges need to get established.

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They love moisture. Sedgehammer absolute works but a small packet that treats 1000 sq ft will cost $10-20, depending on vendor. Summer is when I treat it b/c that's when we're watering lawn regularly

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If using the poison that kills off Nutsedges spray only the nutsedge, not the whole lawn. My experience with that poison is that it can kill other plants, including the desirable grasses in spite of claims made by the manufacturers and sellers.

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Obviously, at that price, I tried to get it all on the nutsedge, but some drift did get on other plants and none of them died or showed any ill effects. I can't say if that goes for every single type of plant in cultivation right now, but it's a good sign.

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They have a nut sedge spray for $8. at stores like Walmart. It takes 2 or 3 applications. One nursery here charges $45. a shot and it needs more shots than that. Highway robbery!

There is a nut on the bottom of the roots that breaks off if it is pulled. The nut sedge spray will work it's way to the nut.

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