problem with Cherokee purples

Tabbi1117July 18, 2014

OK guys and girls of the gardening world. I am new to gardening, I learned everything I know from my late father in law and after he died I promised the family I would keep the garden going in honor of him. Well I'm lost. My father in law always loved his tomato plants and every year tried a new kind. This year the new kind I tried was Cherokee purple heirlooms. I planted late because I live in northern pa and our winter was long. I didn't get my plants in ground until after mothers day. Anyway I don't think my purples are going to make it.
All of my other tomato plants have just started ripening but the purples seem like they have stopped growing all together. Currently there are a lot of the actually fruit and they are a deep purple color, not soft at all and they are only maybe 2 inches in diameter. I thought these plants produced big tomatoes, but that doesn't seem to be what I am getting.
Is their something wrong with the plants or am I just being too impatient

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After Mother's Day is fine, I didn't get mine in the ground until early June up here. But the small hard purple fruit sounds strange - even if they were producing smaller fruit than normal, by the time they turn color they would be softening. Can you post pictures of the plant(s) and closeups of the fruit?

A phosphorus deficiency would cause purple leaves, but then they'd likely not even set fruit so I'm stumped. Also too early for ripe fruit on that variety given plant-out date.

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geosankie(5a NEPA)

Did you start from seed or purchase the CP plants ? From your description, they sound like some kind of determinate variety. CP in my NEPA garden planted 5th of June are over 5 feet tall. Plants that stop growing around the 3 foot mark ( or less) and have a lot of fruit sure sounds like a determinate type to me. Big box store plants are notorious for mislabeling. As "MAMA" said, a full picture may help us diagnosis the "problem". And, CP usually ripens in our area towards the end of July and into August.

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I will post pictures of the plants as soon as I get home about 45 mins from now thanks for the interest in helping me figure this out

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

are only maybe 2 inches in diameter. I thought these plants produced big tomatoes,

You are estimating that they are 2" in dia. Maybe they are bigger and are , say 2,5" in dia. A 2.5" tomato is almost twice as big as a 2" tomato. Another thing is that the fruits set in cooler weather early on, tend to be smaller. Yet another thing, tomatoes do not grow consistently one size fruit.

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