when to plant pumpkins and winter squash in Houston

kari_newgardener(9)June 17, 2010

When should I plant pumpkins and butternut squash in Houston? Also, is it possible to grow them in containers. I had a major fire ant infestation in my garden and had to dig it up so I'm trying to figure out a way to still have a little garden this year.

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my agrilife planting guide says pumpkins march 15-july 15, winter squash march 15-may 1 is preferred.
I think you could go ahead and plant anyhow now. I've had some success growing squash in 5 gal pails with the bottom removed.

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Thanks Jerrytx

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Here's what the Natural Gardener in Austin has to say:

"Note to veggie gardeners: this holiday is your yearly reminder to plant pumpkin seeds in order harvest for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Also, itÂs getting close to fall tomato time; aim for getting your plants in the ground the second to third week of this month."

Go to their website and sign up for weekly newsletters. I love getting them!

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bluelake; got an email address for the natural gardener?

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ltruett(Zone, 9 Houston)
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The book by Dr. Bob Randall, founder of Urban Harvest "Year Round Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers for Metro Houston" has planting dates/temperatures along with specific verities for our climate.

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July for Halloween Pumpkins. Early to mid month the better. I just did mine two weekends ago. Planted 35 pumpkin seeds and so far only saw 9 this past weekend. They grow fast and wild. Make sure you have plenty of room and you will need a good supply of pollinating insects to get squash/pumpkin going or just use a q-tip if you know what you are doing. Goos luck

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