How did you get rid of Perennial Sowthistle Sonchus arvensis

robicho(5a CANADA)August 26, 2012

Hello All,

I've got an infestation of Perennial Sowthistle in my garden and wonder how you got rid of yours? I'm in an area of Ontario, Canada where chemical pesticides are banned.

Because it spreads underground by a huge inter-twining root highway, I'm thinking of building myself a soil screen and digging up my garden area-by-area and attempt to control it that way.

Any less 'back-breaking' ideas out there??



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robicho(5a CANADA)

Sorry ... not 'pesticides' ... should have said 'chemical weed control products' ! LOL

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"Pesticide" has very broad meanings that include herbicides and insecticides, so your use was correct.
Sowthistle spreads vegetativley as well as by seeds and rhizomes so control can be somewhat difficult. To gain control of the area they are growing in now cover the plants with newspaper or cardboard and cover that with a mulch material, or dig them out.
Ontario is ahead of the curve on environmental protection as well as protecting human beings from the adverse affects of the poisons they have banned.

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Beeone(4 N. Wyo.)

Hoe it out every time is shows up. That will starve the roots. Deer and sheep also prefer it, however they won't kill the plant unless penned there, which from personal experience doesn't do the garden veggies and flowers any good.

Apparently the Luddites are alive and well in Ontario.

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Not luddites, but intelligent people concerned with what many are doing to the planet we live on.

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