Your Best Tasing Tomato(es)

seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)July 9, 2014

Now that most of us are or getting close to taking a bite out them matoes, let us see how they taste . That in in YOUR MOUTH, and that is the ultimate authority as far as you are concerned.
But let us here how you describe that taste: Tangy, Tart, Juicy, Sweet, Meaty, ... And finally, if you cannot describe it just say COMPLEX. (hehe)

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I'm against tasing tomatoes. Clearly the tomatoes have done nothing to deserve being tased and they're just growing there going "don't tase me bro!"

Okay, sorry ;)

So far only bloody butcher is coming in (4th of July, hello? It's July 9th already, get your color breaking in gear!). The consensus in my house is that it's a wonderful tasting tom. Very flavorful, a bit on the acidic side.

Of course, being the first garden tomato we've had since last year, that may be swaying our taste buds.

I have a rather large brandywine fruit on one of my extra plants that I stuck in a 5 gallon nursery pot since I didn't have ground space. It looks like it just started to break color.

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These four tomato varieties have at least one ripe tomato in our GH this season. Our fifth variety that we planted this year (Big Zac) is not yet ripe - so I can't yet compare. And the winner is - you guessed it - Brandy Boy !!! - I am open minded but it will be tough to out taste Brandy Boy!

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So far in my garden, it is Big Beef...
its' taste is just what you think a big red beefsteak homegrown tomato should taste like... very tomatoey!
I have a lot more varieties new to me this season, so we shall wait and see.

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centexan254 zone 8 Temple, Tx

The ones that are grown in my garden are the best tasting ones to me.

On the top of the list this year are

Mr. Stripey It is a very tasty tomato that my wife likes as well. It was her first non red to eat that she likes that was a non cherry tomato. She happens to like the store bought tomatoes as well. I wish I had more fruit set before the heat kicked in here. Next year I will start a bigger plant as early as I can. Also it is going to get a very large cage. This one gets freakishly huge.

Cherokee Purple is a long time fave of mine. My wife likes them very well too. Same thing as Mr Stripey for starting earlier with a larger plant.

For an early Black Prince gets 2 thumbs up, and yummy. Plants behaved well not getting too big, and putting off many baseball sized fruits that are in my opinion a slightly toned down Black Krim. Fruits were for the most part almost apple shaped till they broke color. Then they rounded off at the shoulder, and base some. The heat started to take its toll on the plants so I have made cuttings of the healthy parts that are doing well so far. The rest was pulled. The cuttings will go in the ground at the end of this month.

Bush Goliath has been a great producer. Over 100 so far. Several more are on the plant and will take a while in this heat to break.

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I LOVE the pictures, Hudson, and am almost tempted to grow Brandy Boy next year!


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Thanks guys !

I just tasted my first this season. It came from A Bloody Butcher. It was a small fruit ( 2 oz). The flavor was good. No seeds practically, meaty (not juicy). Very balanced acid/sugar contents. So I am holding my judgement. Being the first was a plus.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

RE: Your Best Tasting Tomato(es).


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hoosier40 6a Southern IN

I have had three varieties so far. Stupice, Italian Heirloom, and Cherokee Purple. Stupice was ok, not great. Italian Heirloom and Cherokee Purple were great. I'm not good at describing taste but they tasted like tomatoes, only better!

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Thanks Linda - trying to keep it interesting and "validate" with photos! Brandy Boy has great taste and a producer - that is why I like it better than some of the Heirlooms with great taste. The plant grows great in our GH!

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AiliDeSpain(6a - Utah)

I tried my first ripe tomato today, bison heirloom. It was smallish, juicy and tangy. The others amish paste, and better bush hybrid are not yet ripe. I know better bush is a great tasting tomato because I grew it last year :)

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Well our CP hasn't came in yet (planted late) but the brandy boy is AMAZING! Both when red and/or Fried Green tomatoes!

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