Green Tomatoes best way to ripen

brewycJuly 29, 2012

This week with all the rain I lost my Purple Cherokees to the vilt, but was able to save over 40 tomatoes some up to a pound,ok what is best way to continue to ripen fruit off the vine.thanks Green not Purple in NJ

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Just put them in the house in the kitchen on a counter or somewhere else away from the sun, meaning no windowsill which dries them out and no paper bags with a cut apple or whatever since all that does is to increase the concentration of the gas ethylene, which is part of the ripening process naturally but when in a paper bag it's like the gassing of fruits that is done commercially and those are the anemic looking lousy tasting fruits that we see in the winter.

I hope that there's at least a blush on those fruits since total greenies don't usually ripen up with the best of tastes, but since you already have harvested the fruits, just go fo it.

Well, that certainly was a long sentence. LOL

BTW the name of the variety is Cherokee Purple, not Purple Cherokee and I ought to know since my best friend Craig LeHoullier named it, but Seeds by Design in CA, a wholsale place, sent out seed lists with Purple Cherokee on it and maybe still does.

Carolyn, who is envious of ANYONE with mature fruits these days, b'c her plants are so behind that it's dicey that anything will mature before the first killing frost. There, she said it, killing frost. Sigh.

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Carolyn - there's still hope, I think we're close to same zone (USDA says I'm 5b), I picked a BW and something my cousin told me was CP (but ripened red) last week, another 2 that look like they are really CP (he gave me 2 plants) yesterday before the rain. Of course he started those seeds in Feb (I started mine in March) but I didn't get them transplanted til June 9.

I'm just hoping with forecast for rain all week (after 3 weeks of dry weather) I don't lose all my plants to disease, or fruits to BER.

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thanks again Carolyn, I will take your advice, in the kitchen not the window sill, and you are right as the taste I had one that had a "blush" on it and it was bland tasting!The good news, my Ramapo's are 6 feet tall and loaded with fruit all green, but my fingers are crossed.

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I have a Cherokee Green fruit ripening up nicely in a paper bag right now. It fell from the plant while utterly unripe - completely hard and green - while I was harvesting the ripe ones. I hate it when that happens! Seems to work OK although I might rethink my strategy due to Carolyn's comments about the bag method.

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