Lower leaves with disease question

catherinet(5 IN)July 11, 2014

Some of the lower leaves on my cherry tomato plants are getting spotted and turning yellow. I have straw under all my tomatoes, which usually prevents this from happening.
Would it be best to remove those diseased branches, or would that not stop the progression?

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Absolutely. Remove those dead leaves and discard in the trash (do not compost).


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Agree with Linda (that's my name too). ;-)

Also an observation...seems the cherry tomatoes are more susceptible to EB...is that similar to what others are seeing?

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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks to the 2 Lindas! :)

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I've been fighting the EB too, and the plant that seems to get it the worst is the husky red cherry tomato. My other plants are susceptible but that plant always gets it worse. The other plant that was really susceptible was the Bonnie patio tomato (which is gone now, RIP). They both have bigger thickish textured dark green leaves. My yellow pear cherry tomato doesn't seem nearly as susceptible and it has very small, smoother, delicate leaves. Maybe those bigger leaves take longer to dry after the rain because they collect more water, or the size reduces air circulation for the whole plant somehow?

The patio tomato wound up getting stripped of all it's leaves and then I killed it and made fried green tomatoes with whatever I couldn't get to ripen. I have been able to keep the EB in check on the other plants by picking the diseased leaves off as soon as I see any evidence, and I spray the whole plants down with copper spray until dripping. I have also brought out a fan onto the balcony to increase circulation, which seems to help.

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