Leaf roll/flip

2ajsmamaJuly 24, 2012

We got almost an inch of rain between Friday and Monday, and 8/12 of my Black Krims still have some leaf roll (in and up from the edges) and the Speckled Romans (which I guess have wispy foliage anyway) have rolled the petioles so the underside of the whole leaflet shows. Is this normal or are they still stressed? Plants look healthy otherwise and are fruiting (though lots of the BK are catfaced b/c of the swings in the weather). Thanks

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lil off subject here. I bought Speckled Roman seeds ( saving em for next year ). Can you pleae post pics of 'em plants and crop...would love to see...thank you...now back to our regularly scheduled program....

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Just a couple green ones right now but no BER yet (knock on wood - it's raining a little every day or so now!). I'll take some pix when they start to ripen so you can see the coloration. Didn't get any good ones last year (BER and critters). Fedco isn't carrying the seeds anymore so this is the last of my seed - if they're any good I'll try saving some but if you have a source do tell.

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I'm a 1st year grower here....bought mine from Tomatofest(.)com. Got my Speckled Romans from there too....Durrently growing his Japanese Black Trifele and Russian Black Pear ( in containers ). 80% germination rate....plants are close to 3ft tall in under 7 weeks since germination. ...so far he's a relible seed source I guess....proof is in the puddin

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naturegirl_2007(5B SW Michigan)

I harvested a few STRIPED Roman tomatoes. Their coloration is striking. My seed was from Baker Creek and the seed packet photo does not show the true beauty of the fruit. The leaves don't look normal to me....wispy is probably a good description. At first I thought they were diseased, but then googled some photos and saw most foliage looked like mine. We have very dry conditions here. I have no idea what the leaves would look like if the plants were too wet. But overall, I think this variety has odd looking leaves for a tomato.

I have seed for SPECKLED Roman from Botanical Interests. I'm not growing it this year. The drawing on the BI pack looks much more like my STRIPED fruits than the actual Baker Creek seed pack photo that the seed came from. I don't know if they are both actually the same variety with two names or not.....in fact, until I went and pulled the packs just now I thought both were the same. Gotta read a little more carefully and not just go by the pictures :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Speckled Roman Tomato...Botanical Intersts

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Well, it's supposed to rain for the next 3 days (no watch yet but TWC says potentially severe T-storms coming this way today). So I'll see if the leaf roll on the Krims gets better with more water.

Naturegirl - I'd love to see pix of your foliage to compare. My plants did bear a few fruit last year, but never got bushy - don't know if it was where they were (though soil tested OK), too much water right after planting (and bathtub effect in the trenches), not enough water in July?? But they drowned in Aug. Suckers got away from me on all the tomatoes this year - at least the first 75 or so that I planted - they just grew so quickly and I was busy planting squash, cukes, etc. up near the house. I've just been pruning lower leaves (esp. on BW) and tried "weaving" the plants against the fence since I'm not ruthless enough to prune a sucker that has flowers on it LOL.

The fruit really are striped and not spotted as you might expect - here's an actual photo (small) from Fedco:

Here is a link that might be useful: Fedco Speckled Roman

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Sorry it took so long, and I didn't take pix of plant(s), but here is what Speckled Roman fruit look like:

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