killing sticker burs in a bermuda field

maine64August 29, 2010

Good evening,

We have a field on our property that is filled with (sand burs)sticker burs. We want to keep the bermuda grass, but kill the weeds. Is there any weed/feed that would be available to use. My husband mows and bags the acreage before they seed. Please any information would be helpful so that we can enjoy the property that we have invested in.

Thank you


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I have the same problem,please help.
Thank you

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

Common names lead to confusion. I have had three things commonly called "sand burs" in my experience, mainly because they all grow well in sandy soils. One is longspine sand burr, Cenchrus longispinus. Another is puncturevine, Tribulus terrestis, and the other is common cocklebur, Xanthium strumarium. You might google them and indicate which you are referring to. Thanx.

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Hi,sorry "maine64" dont mean to intrude on your post.I am new and hope that is acceptable to do this.

I have "longspine sandbur".

Thank You

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

First, you have a very tough weed with which to deal. There are effective post-emergent products but they are generally not available to the homeowner. Constant mowing and disposal of the clippings and any seed is important. There are pre-emergent weed controls for sandbur - probably your best bet. Pendimethalin is labeled for homeowner use, but you probably should contact your local extension service to see if anything else is more effective. Sandburs can be either annuals or short lived perennials, so it will take constant attention for more than one season to reduce the population.

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