Great Horned Owl is Hooting Tonight !

bluestarrgallery(zone 7 GA)September 25, 2007

Just had to post and share that the great horned owl is hooting and hooting tonight. We have a deodar tree near our house and he sits up there every so often and gives us a chorus. Click on the site below and click on the calls and you can listen to the sounds I am hearing, especially the first one of the pair of owls.

Here is a link that might be useful: Call of the Great Horned Owl

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mikem58(Z9 CA)

They are very of my favorite Owls. We have a lot of them here in and around my area. I hear them more often in late spring...but occasionally this time of year too.
Maybe they will nest near or on your property?? We have had Barn Owls nest here quite often....Talk about weird sounds...a lot of hissing and high pitch sounds from them. They have a face only a mother could love...but they sure keep our field mouse population in check.
We hoot back and usually get an answer....Try it...They might actually talk back when tyhey hear you hoot...


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A nice thread! We love and always welcome the Owl. When we first moved out here to this neck of the woods, we often heard them toward evening approach. I don't real know what type of owl we heard but every bit of nature is quite appreciated. Cooler temps around this time of the year are also refreshing.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Don't you just love owls? (as long as they aren't carrying off any of your chickens!).
We occasionally have barred owls in our woods. A couple years ago there used to be a family of them here, and listening to them was sooooooo cool.
Seems like the cooler weather of October gets them going. I think that's maybe the start of their mating season?
We used to get screech owls too. Their cry is something else. Would love to hear a barn owl.
I always feel like our property is extra special when I hear an owl.

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