Unidentified plant

spoon_benderSeptember 2, 2013

I need help in identifying this plant that I found in my backyard. The photo is of a sprig only, but it was about 8" off the ground. The roots have little bulbs like elongated tiny potatoes and the stems have tiny prickly thorns. I would really appreciate any help letting me know what kind of plant or shrub it is. Thank you. -Ella


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Hi Ella,

You may want to post under "name that plant" forum. You'll need to provide where you live so we can help you. Not sure but it looks like an asparagus fern?


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Hi Nerry,

You got it! I looked up asparagus fern on the internet and that's exactly what the plant in my backyard looks like! You're awesome! Thank you sooo much! Also thank you for telling me were to post. I'll know next time when I need to ask about a plant. Have a great weekend! -Ella

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Hello Ella,

You're very welcome! Glad I was able to help you. We have some really terrific experts under the "name your plant" forum. Have a good one!


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