Red Eared Slider Question

MidnightBirdGirl(Zone 7)September 10, 2010

Hi, I live in DFW Texas and this morning I found a red eared slider, in the middle of street on the way back from taking my son to school. It was not injured in any way.

I put it in my dog's wading pool, on a slope so it can either be dry or in the water. I gave it some raw chicken liver and some chard.

My question is, how do these animals over winter?

If we keep it in our backyard will it be okay?

My garden is raised, enclosed and fenced so it can't get to it.

I just don't want to release it, because I do not want it to get run over.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Truly, it would probably be better of if you released it into an appropriate environment. For every turtle killed on the highway, millions and millions live long happy lives in the wild. On the other hand, sliders can die a slow death when kept in captivity. For example, raw meat is never recommended.

If you are willing to do the research and provide a healthy aquatic location, it might manage to survive. But why not let Nature take her own course?

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here for some information

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MidnightBirdGirl(Zone 7)

I read on several different websites that they can eat raw chicken livers. Hence, the liver. But since we have lots of grasshoppers, it really does not need it, I am sure. I have over an acre, so it would be free to roam. We also have a small seasonal creek.
I would not put it inside, but enjoy having various critters about. So, it really would not be held captive :)

BTW, thank you.

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Turtles will roam in wider area than your land. For the sake of the turtle find a better environment than your back yard for it.

The reason stores stopped selling sliders is because some were carriers of various health problems like salmonella. Which is another reason not to take a chance with your son. Release it so it and your son's mother will be happy.

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Find water and set it free, really this is the very best you can do for it. This comes from experience, free is the best. My guess is it was headed for water somewhere only he/she knows where.

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Hi this is Harry.When I talk my turtle runs away! It's name is Dribble.I'v had it for 3 months.I recently adopted it.I feed him every day.

1 Why do you think it runs away when I talk?
2 Do you have a TURTLE?

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