very fast growing vine

v1rtu0s1ty(5a)August 16, 2010

I planted some annuals on a pot including my sweet potato vine tuber. However, another vine came out. My sweet potato vine grew but looks like the other vine is sucking all the nutrients.

Is this a weed? Look at it, it's now at the sidewalk. This picture was taken 2 days ago. It added another foot today. Look at the other stem, it's past the annual Snow on the Mountain.

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That looks like either Morning Glory or Bindweed. Morning Glory is an annual vine many people plant while Bindweed, a family member of Morning Glory, is an annual weed that is very vigorous. Just trace it to the root and pull that root out.

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I looked at Bindweed on google but it's a bit different. The very tip of the plant grows like a sweet potato vine. The only thing that conflicts is the color. My sweet potato vine is lime in color. Also, there is another one growing on the ground.

I will take a close-up picture later.

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The one on the ground is standard garden type sweet potato. Your ornimental one should have white sweet potato/yam roots where this should have orange or yellow.

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