when to pick Indigo Apples

njitgradJuly 11, 2014

It's my first season with Indigo Apples and I'm not sure when to pick them. I typically wait until a red tomato blushes, then I pick it. This variety blushes purple but they seem to be on the small side. See pics below.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Search "Indigo Rose" in this forum.

The consensus is to pick it when it gets brown.

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the bottom turns red in my experience

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Yes, wait until see some red at the bottom of the fruit.

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So basically the color that I'm seeing right now but throughout?

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The colors that you are seeing now are purple/black on top and green below. What they are telling you is the green portion at the bottom will turn to a reddish brown color.

My experience with Indigo Rose is that the more sunlight the actual tomato gets, the greater the purple/black color coverage. Tomatoes that get a lot off sun exposure will have a very small green area at the bottom to watch for changing color. The tomato should also soften somewhat to the touch.

Indigo Rose is supposed to be a smaller tomato. Your sizing is normal.

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I have to say they are a very stunning color this morning, I've never seen anything quite like it. I just wish they were a tiny bit larger though. They are now deep purple throughout except for a touch of green on the bottom. All of them still feel a bit firm though. The problem is that I can't determine whether or not to pick them and allow them to ripen indoors. For red tomatoes I usually pick them when they start to blush to avoid splitting, pests, etc.

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prachi(6b (NJ))

From what I understand the flavor of these are better if you let them fully ripen on the vine... so the bottom of the tomato (which doesn't get direct sunlight) should be red like a ripe tomato.

Any areas which get direct sunlight will turn indigo.

I am guessing since they are smaller in size you are lest likely to have splitting etc.

My CSA farmer is growing Indigo rose and his is not cracking (but they are on the smaller side as well). He let me try one (usually I'd have to wait till they came in my share), they were good... nice flavor. I am thinking about growing an indigo variety next year. Can post an update on how the indigo apple was?

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