Bird Feeding Station Problem - Suggestions Please

danell(7)September 22, 2013

I have a large planter placed in a planting bed with a bird feeding pole that comes up through the planter. Looks nice but not well thought out. The seed falls into and around the planter. Of course it molds and cakes on the soil both in and around the planter. Cleaning around the plants in the planter is difficult at best and that on the ground, while easier, is not great either.

What do think if I were to put two layers of ground cloth under and around the planter. Seed would fall on it, water could drain through, I could just sweep up the fallen seed, and it would not lend to reflective heat as placing stone slabs would.

As for the planter, I could take the pole out and place it just behind the planter then maybe put one layer of ground cloth or fine screening on top of the soil in the planter before cutting holes into it then replace plants.

Your thoughts?

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If there's that much waste then you may want to think about changing to a more efficient feeder first.
If we feed the birds then eventually, every one of us will have the same issue. I for one, changed to a deeper feeder and then modified the bottom seed tray to be even deeper than the original manufactured design. Now, about the only seed debris I have is from sunflower shells and those are not bad at all.
In any case, your ground cloth idea would probably work but do you want to be constantly sweeping/cleaning IT off just as you do now?
If you feed the birds then it IS always an issue but I know of no good way to train the birds to not to be quite so messy...
Steve in TX

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