Way too many squirrels

lisa11310(z5 MI)September 23, 2006

We are under attack. We have SO many squirrels this year. We are in the woods and do have several bird feeding stations so of course there are going to be squirrels. I don't mind feeding them too, they are fun to watch. BUT enough is enough. I have a wrap around deck and they are constantly banging things around. They have even figured out how to get to the feeder on the window. I don't mind so much but I think Hubby is really considering hunting them this year. At any one time you can count as many as 15-20 squirrels out in the yard, and that is just the yard part of our 10 acres. I know the feeders attract them but they are not the cause of such a population explosion. There are plenty of natural preditors around, hawks, cyotes, etc. I realy hate the thought of Hubby hunting them ( they are just so darned cute) but there are truly just way tooo many of them. How does one cope with such a population explosion, or will nature put things back in ballance herself?


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Nature has a way of taking care of something like this, but you have created an artificial situation by providing them with a steady and easily available food supply. More food, less work to get it means increased populations.

If you stopped all of the feeding, your squirrels might have a very hard time surviving as they head into winter.

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

I have commented on this to some of our "neighbors" (out here that can be more than a mile away). They all have a lot more squirrels this year and they dont feed the birds. We had a bumper crop of acorns last year and a fairly mild winter. If that is duplicated this year we are going to be knee deep in the critters next year. I know the feeders may help some of them get fattened up easier, but it surly can not account for such a drastic area wide increase. I guess I am looking for good amunition to argue with Hubby on why he should NOT hunt them.

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

Hi Lisa,

They are food for owls, hawks, foxes, etc. If you stop feeding them, most will succumb to predators in the winter and feed nature, as they are supposed to. If he puts pellets in them, he is taking food away from juvenile hawks and owls that need the easy pickings of young squirrels in the winter.

Also, the pellets are likely lead, and when the squirrels go off to die, if predators do eat the, the predators will die from lead poisoning by ingesting the pellets.

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

AH HA Elly! Thanks, thats perfect! We do have 2 new baby red tails this year. You know come to think of it our hawk population is also way up this year. I am hoping to get a glimps of the Great Horned owl I saw/heard in the dark last year. So far the only argument I had come up with was "what are you going to do with the ones you shoot?" I dont know how to cook squirrel. He knows the Native American in me would realy frown on killing anything that was not going to be put to good use. Now I can argue the lead point because I know he would have said he would leave them for the large vulture population that seems to have taken up residence nearby. Thanks!
(how is your Mom?)

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We don't live in the country, but suburbia, and we do have a lot of trees. However, I've never seen this much "squirrel activity". Squirrels are rodents and I know that the Vitamin K in dog poop attracts rats. Would that also be true of squirrels?

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