Just call me StainFinger

trudi_dJuly 29, 2009

My palms and fingers won't come clean. I've used soap, detergent, shampoo, even Ajax. Tomato stem stains have got to be some of the WORST to remove from your skin. I may have to go to the town pool--maybe a prolongued dip in their chlorinated water will help.



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Hi trudi. Yeah, a pool or a dip in the ocean will help. My biggest problem is lily pollen.

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I thought of doing the ocean too--getting sandblasted in the surf is fun! Pollen can be annoying too ;-( I sympathize.

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star_stuff(Greensboro NC 7a)

A dip in the pool sounds like a good idea, and very refreshing with this awful heat! Maybe scrubbing with baking soda and/or lemon juice?

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I am going to try soaking my hands/nails in a denture tablet. I heard that this is what the spas use for their hand treatment. Think about it, it bubbles and is meant to remove stain.

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I've always found it interesting how some people get bad stains from tomato stems, but I don't. I'm out there rubbing the stems, smelling their pungent aroma, etc. but I never get any stains. Maybe a little green that rinses away. Black walnuts make a nasty stain, but I've never had that trouble with tomatoes.

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My mom handled many tomatoes and plants all summer long in our large kitchen garden. She always had the most beautiful nails and hands. Her secret was chlorine bleach. She would mix up a batch in the kitchen sink and bleach all of our white socks and the kitchen dish rags and towels. Swishing them around in the bleach water kept her hands stain free. It also kept the sink stain and germ free. Just a thought.


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Try some acid. Lemon juice or just squish up a tomato if you can stand to lose one.

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ditnc(7 NC)

Maybe a stretch, but someone gave me a tip on whitening up white material that had some yellowing - Efferdent. Sounds plausable to me, maybe could work for hand stains.

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rj_hythloday(8A VA)

My hands get most stained from sifting compost, or harvesting vermicompost. Easy Orange (automotive) hand cleaner does the trick for me. Trudi I wish I had your problem, my 15 plants just don't do any thing to my hands.

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wiringman(ZONE 4)

i guess i am one of the lucky one.

i prune my tomatoes i do not let any sucker i find grow. so my hands get soaked on tomato sap. i think that is where the term "GREEN THUMB" came from.

me and my scissors get under tap water and rub and the stuff comes off.

of course i am a man and clean hands to me might be different to a lady. (Grin)


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Try 409 it works great for me the spray turns bright yellow right when it hits the tomaotoe stained hands and disolves it right off.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I am trellising the Florida Weave way this year and have experienced the same thing - green slimy goo that's hard to wash off. I have 60 plants so after tending about 30, my hands are gross.

I find, though, that each day when I'm a bit frustrated while hand washing, I'm thankful and overjoyed because SO many people in Denver metro lost their 2009 plants to hail. I would bet they would love to have our problem;)) Some of these poor gardeners replanted only to have the hail ruin the new plants too.

It seems that my phone MUST ring the instant my hands are all nasty and that's the most irritating.

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