Can Image (Imazaquin) and Bonus S (atrazine) be used together?

hankhillSeptember 24, 2005

Lawn is St. Augustine!

Can I apply Image and Bonus S together or should I wait

several weeks between? The image seems to work on the

Purple Nutsedge, but the Atrazine (I hope) will kill off

the invading Bermuda grass.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

At least around here, those materials aren't available to home gardeners.

Whatever the case, it would be wise to either ask the manufacturers and/or your supplier.

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Rosa(4ish CO Rockie)

The Image lable does not indicate anything to support mixing it with Atrazine. Haven't read the Bonus S label. Skip asking the supplier. Call the manufacturer's toll free number (on the label) for either product and ask.

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In response to the first poster, these are both available
at Home Depot, to anyone with a pulse. :-)

I didn't mean mixing them literally together in a vat,
which wouldn't work well because the Image is a concentrate
(sprayer application) and the Bonus S is granular
(spreader). I meant applying them, say, a few days apart.

Yep, I guess I could try to call up the Image guys and
ask (since Image is the rarer of the two, I'd hope they'd
know about atrazine/Bonus S.)

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