What causes Megablooms?

booberry85(5)July 19, 2008

I've been growing tomatoes for 7 or 8 years now. This is the first year that I've ever had megablooms. I know that they are several blooms fused together, but what causes it? Are there certain weather conditions or soil conditions that promote megablooms?

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I've seen this too, maybe global warming? LOL - seems that this year as well I have had many of them....question is....do they create Mega Tomatoes? Or should I just pick them off? I'm using aeroponics to grow my tomatoes this year, not soil.

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cyumickey(Sunset 18)

Is this a megabloom?

There is also this one, that looks different than above, but is still larger than the regular flowers

did anyone ever figure out why the occur?

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Still no reason I can find. Today I found a megabloom on my third variety, making it all three beefsteak varieties that have produced them at least once. I do find it odd that this is the first year you and I have seen these problems though.

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cyumickey(Sunset 18)

it's so weird I went to check my plants like I do every morning and saw these. I don't know if I'm just more conscious of them since they have been talked about so much lately, though. This plant is momotaro, and it hasn't been producing much. I think I only have 3 or 4 tomatoes on it right now. It flowers enough, I think, they just don't pollinate. Not sure if the megabloom will be pollinated or not...

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From what I've heard, Megablooms are mainly caused by genetics. Big tomato types are more likely to produce "Megablooms", or double, triple flowers etc. I've heard it can also be caused by overly wet weather conditions, but I'm not sure about that.

Since megablooms are usually two or three flowers fused together, they have to be pollinated two or three times as much to grow evenly. If they aren't pollinated well enough, they will be "Catfaced" and mutated looking. Sometimes the plant will just drop it of it's own accord, but if you don't want ugly or misshapen fruit, you could pick them off.

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spiced_ham(z5 OH)

I've seen flower deformation caused by environmental stress in other plants. Mainly cooler than usual environment during bud formation. Certain individual plants had a genetic predisposition to the deformities so each year it would be neat to see what happened. Plant age also had an effect, with younger, first bloom plants most likely to show deformities.

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like this

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cyumickey(Sunset 18)

the megabloom in the first pic I posted is growing! I think it will be a mutant. I also saw another mutant on my plant that must have been a megabloom, too. I'm pretty excited about this (not quite sure why, though). lol

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mine too mickey, but the first stigma wasn't pollinated so half of it is growing again. I say my plant has been so stingy (0) that I'll let it go.

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I get excited about megablooms as well, Mickey. I just like to see how they turn out, as they look nothing like "Conventional" perfectly shaped tomatoes. They have more character.

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wvtomatoman(z6 WV)

I don't know for sure what causes fused blossoms. I always assumed it was a combination of genetics and weather.


p.s. I still call them fused blossoms not megablooms. I still call varieties heirlooms or open pollinated, not heritage.

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My tomatoes are about waist high, some small tomatoes and very few blooms. I think that there should be more blooms.I started with 10/10/10, should I have use something with less nitrogen? Thanks

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