Please help with ob'noxious' vining weed ID!

cecilia7(z7 SC)September 15, 2007

My husband and I recently bought and moved into a wonderful new home in sunny and sultry downtown Anderson, SC. We have embarked upon a huge landscaping recovery mission and are desperately battling this persistant vine that has grown into all the foundation plantings and even invades the cracks in our concrete walkways. Please help ID this weed and help us rid the yard of its presence!! It is actually quite attractive and might be welcomed except for the fact that it continues to rebound relentlessly after several chemical treatments and root removals!! It looks sortof like trumpet creeper but has red stems and little whitish clusters of flowers that bear black berries. I've searched all over for an ID and can't figure it out! Here are my photos...Thanks for any input!

Image link:

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Picture is too small to see the datils... Compare your vine with Ampelopsis, porcelain berry.

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