Wandering Jew/Tradescantia fluminensis ??

Thirston(7/Charlotte, NC.)September 6, 2005

Well, I'm not possitive that's what this is, and I really hope it's not but... could any of you tell me please? Also, how best might I go about killing it?

It's everywhere! I've been trying to pull by hand but it keeps coming back. I spray with roundup but it's leaving dead patches all over my lawn. Is there a selective herbicide that will work on this stuff and not kill my St. Augustine?

I've read that the minimal chill here (zone9, FL.) in the winter won't be enough to kill it. Pulling by hand seems to be futile because it grows back from the smallest little root. Spraying works the best but the problem is I'll have to take out half my grass along with it because there are patches of it starting everywhere :(


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I have never seen a Tradescantia with wavey leaves before. Very interesting.

Keep trying to pull reach all the way down the stems to the root and then put a sharp knife in the ground and twist(the knife) in the ground around the root area. Try to cut two or three inches below soild surface.

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Thirston(7/Charlotte, NC.)

Well, I might have misidentified it, is it something else?

If indeed it is Tradescantia how much trouble am I in? LOL. On a scale of 1(easy as pie)-10(I'll never get rid of it) where does this stuff stand? I think I read somewhere that it seeds very easily. So when I'm pulling it, I better be careful not to spread it further by droping seeds here and there?

Thanks for any help you guys/gals can provide.

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Thirston(7/Charlotte, NC.)

Well, I've been using the concentrate RoundUp granules mixed with water to kill this stuff off but I'm taking out large sections of lawn at the same time.

Please, if anyone knows of a selective herbicide or another way to rid myself of this pest I would love to know.

I've tried pulling/digging it but it's everywhere now and seems to keep coming back even in the areas I've pulled it. This coupled with the fact that I'm nearly 6'8" and all the bending over to dig takes a toll on my back is making this a pain in the backside literally :)

Does anyone have suggestions? It's spreading through St. Augustine. Seems to spread here and there easily. It's probably the reason my dog has had such problems with what the vet thought were chronic allergies (chewing at his feet, licking his legs all the time). I've read this stuff can cause dermatitis on animals :( Sheesh...

I'll take any advice... anything at all :)

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