Venting...Dumb Dogs! Dumb Husband!!!

joycegriffinJune 25, 2011

Ugh! I just got up and thought, "I'd better get out and mow early this morning as it looks like it could rain." I go to walk out back and realize my husband left the dogs (2 60 lb. collie mixes) outside all night. The dogs are NEVER left outside all night. I had gone to bed early so I guess he let them out and then forgot about them. Oh harm, no foul. So I loved on the dogs feeling bad that they were out all night, let them inside, and continued on my way. I get out the lawn mower and walk to the back of the yard. I live in a cul-de-sac and we have a huge yard. From any one spot you can only see a third of it.

When I get even with the garden I look over and just stand there in shock. My garden has been trashed! Apparently the dogs found a way into the garden (it's fenced) and had a high old time. I am just SICK! I'm looking at poor squash it is just trampled down to the ground. There's a few immature squash I might pull but the only thing I can figure to do is pull it all up and start over. GRRR. I had put my garden in late this year and was just getting to female flowers on the plants. I AM SICK!!!! I am not sure if I am more angry at the dogs or the husband at this point.

Sorry to vent here but it's either that or wake up the husband and yell at him. The dogs have been confined to their crates and are looking pitiful already. GRRR!

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

That's most unforuntate and I know the feeling. Yes, better to vent here than wake the hubby. And the dogs, well -- they were just having fun with no comprehension of the damage they were doing. If it were my squash I'd try just cutting off the damaged parts and see if they will come back from what's left. As for the hubby it's easy for me to remember the times when I've done something stupid and he didn't make a big deal out of it and how much I appreciated it.

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chena(z8 Texas)

What a sicking feel that is... The armadillos did a real job on the garden several times.. I just got done starting Okra ove AGAIN.. If you need some squash seed I have some extra I can share.. It's not to late to get more going..
Your Husband sounds like a LUCKY man..Good job bringing it here!!


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Watched the plants as the morning progressed. Most of them started withering as soon as the sun came up. Two yellow squash and two zuchini perked up after a drink of water so perhaps it's not a 100% loss. Pulled up about 8 plants and will get some seeds in the ground today. I planted some pattypan squash last week and it came up within 3 days and is taking off so perhaps I can get some squash before the summer is over. laid plans and all that.

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Well, the bane of my garden is armadillos and I can't blame DH for that! They can do a LOT of damage...trap has been set for most of the week, but so far...nothing!

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I took the advice about turning the other cheek with the hubby. He's a good guy and has certainly done the same for me on other occasions. It helped that when I told him what happened later in the morning he took some of the blame and appologized on his own.

I have a feeling that the dogs had an early morning visit from a squirrel or rat in the garden. They are actually very smart dogs and will not normally enter the garden area without permission. It looks like they were running helter skelter through the beds like they might have been chasing something. They'd even flipped over a plastic panel that I'd laid between the raised beds to kill the grass. (Which is why I'm thinking rat).

Oh well...what's done is donw. I pulled up most of the squash as it was too far gone. A few plants were salvageble. I got new seeds in the ground and a second lock for the garden gate.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Sh*t Happenens. God Nab it.

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Let's see if I have this correctly, it's early (?) and YOU are going out to mow and you express concern about waking your husband about leaving the dogs out all night?

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Nope, she's venting so she doesn't cause problems in her marriage over her husband making a mistake. I totally understand. It's sure a heck of a lot easier to go off in a snit then take back things you say in anger. Not that I have a sarcastic,flip mouth on me or anything (Yep I sure do!).

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