Garden overrun with weeds (clover)

erinf83(6)September 20, 2012

I just moved into this house a few weeks ago. The front garden is overrun with weeds, mostly clover. I pulled out the existing plants which I am wanting to keep (Hostas) but there is still a large shrub that I obviously can't pull out. I pulled out as many of the weeds that I could but there are just too many. I am hoping to apply some kind of weed killer that will wipe them out so I can start the garden from scratch but I'm hoping to use something that won't damage the shrub too much. Any tips or advice? I'm a fairly novice gardener so any help is appreciated!!

FYI: I am in Canada but am close to the border and have access to buying USA products as well.

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Are you sure it is clover or could it be one of the many clover look alikes?
Some people mistake Yellow Wood Sorrel for clover.
Some people mistake Black Medic for clover.
What little I can see tells me that a good mulch will do more for your soil, and controlling those "weeds" then trying to smuggle some "weed killer" across the border.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

That bed is really very small and reaching for the herbicides seems rather like overkill to me. Do you have a small hand fork? In 30 minutes you could dig over the whole bed and remove any weeds by hand. Just pulling is not very effective. You need to get under the weed with your little fork so the roots come up in their entirety.

I'm also wondering if you have Oxalis rather than clover. Could be Oxalis leaves in between the pavers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Weeding fork

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