did i poison my soil?

RodeoSquirrel(zone 6 SePA)September 24, 2005

in a small area around my mailbox i had some trouble with weeds, so i added some preen (alot) to the soil and a few weeks later i planted some daisy's. well the daisys quickly died so i planted some marigolds, well they died too. next i planted black eyed susans, now they lasted a little longer than the others but they to are starting to croak. could it be the preen? did i add to much and now the soil is poisoned? thistle are still popping up but not as many just a few (for now)

will the black eyed susan be able to reseed itself? or will the preen prevent the black eyed susan seeds from germinating next spring?

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

I've never used Preen. But as I recall from various discussions, the instructions say to apply several weeks -- 3? -- after you plant whatever. If so, no wonder your plants croaked.

Hmmm. Sounds like one of those life lessons: Live and learn. :>)

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RodeoSquirrel(zone 6 SePA)

yep lol ok so i learned this time :O)

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